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I don't have a favourite US state, but if I'd really like to visit Chicago at (Illinois) at some point. This is both a general fact, and so I don't get shouted at by the bot.


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Located in Oklahoma, USA

My sister and I have a strained relationship with our mother and have not had contact with her for months. Our mother took it upon herself to show up to my niece's school to have lunch with her and brought her a slushy to drink, without my sister's knowledge or permission. My niece told my sister about it when she got home. My sister called the school and come to find out, our mother is not on the list at all for anything. So they allowed a stranger into the school and allowed this person to give a drink to a 5 year old all without my sister's knowledge.

The principal is calling my sister later and so far they are trying to make it seem like it's not a big deal, we feel differently. The only thing I can think for her to do is maybe call the school board? They risked my niece's safety and I think they need to realize the gravity of the situation but I'm not sure what could be done.

Update: My sister called the school board and they assured her that the policy states only approved people from the list should be let in. The board called the school and reiterated the rules and how they should be followed. The school also flagged our mother's name as an extra precaution. Thank you to the people who were helpful!


Arizona: my wife was a teacher’s aide at the local elementary. Last year we reported a male teacher inappropriately touching our daughter and filed a police report. The teacher was disciplined but not fired. Being that my wife is a teacher’s aide, every year she has to be rehired. Well, this year just by chance she wasn’t rehired (they hired other employees with less experience). When my wife asked why she wasn’t hired, the principal said her attendance was a concern due to a well advance notice of a surgery and then we adopted a child, which I believe are both covered by law. My wife was never warned about attendance and had perfect yearly reviews.

Anyhow, so we kind of just kind of said screw it with that school because who wants to work at a place like that. Well, now when she applies for jobs with the school district she isn’t even getting called back for interviews, when friends with much less experience are. This surprised us.

This is more irritating than anything. I can’t help but think a bit of retaliation is going on. I’m not looking to sue but is there any legal recourse? At this point we just want to stop being punished for reporting a legit incident. Any advice would be great. Thanks.


So two days ago, our infant sons face became quite swollen within a matter of 10 or so minutes. Thinking we were doing the right thing we rushed him to the ER. While waiting in the ER over the course of about an hour the swelling went down on it's own. Unfortunately, because of how swollen his lip got, it kind of cracked his lip, not even bad enough to bleed just a little red looking. Again, thinking we were helping we pointed it out to the ER staff. We were latter admitted to the hospital where there did CT scans, full body x-rays and all sorts of labs. Everything came back as no injury. However the hospital is still saying it's an injury not reaction, despite dermatologists looking at him and saying it's a reaction. They state that his split lip couldn't have happened on it's own. Now cps is involved and they are taking our son away. They are pushing for a court hearing as soon as the end of the week or sometime next week. We have a list of lawyers to contact that say they do family practice and custody cases, and we've recorded our interactions with cps, but I don't know what to do. This has blind sided us. I don't want to loose my son. Any advice on how to proceed would be immensely appreciated.


Arizona: my wife and I moved my elderly parents into our home last year. My mother has Alzheimer’s and falls frequently, so they wanted to get a home security system with those life alert necklaces to press in case of emergency. We signed up for an alarm system and the technician set everything up, along with delivering 2 life alert necklaces and a signal amplifier and showing us how to use them (press both buttons at once to call for help). They sent test signals when showing us how to use the devices and confirmed the signals were received.

June 3 my mother fell outside and died. The EMS estimate she had been outside on the ground in the summer heat for 6 hours before she was found dead. When we found her, my dad said, “I have this life alert necklace, but I forgot how to use it” I quickly grabbed the device and pressed both buttons and said “you have to press them both, like this”. Then I called 911. Much later in the evening I realized we had never heard back from the alarm company. I asked the police and they said all they got was my 911 call and had not been alerted by anyone else.

The security company recently called me and said my bill was due. We have since moved houses and I asked about cancelling the contract and was told it was $1,200 dollars to cancel the service early. After I told him what had happened he said “I don’t see any record that we are providing life alert services” and “my technicians are professional, they would never have given you the devices if we weren’t monitoring” but he also confirmed they had received the test signal when it was setup. I asked how they had received a test signal if they weren’t monitoring and he sort of became uneasy then said he would have to talk to his manager but then never called me back.

I did get a copy of the contract we signed, and it doesn’t say we have the life alert service (only alarm and video cameras), however, with being given the devices and testing it and educated on how it works, we were for sure led to believe we had this service in place. We never even once set the home alarm and life alert was the express reason we bought the system. What recourse might we have? The thought of my mother laying on the driveway for 6 hours in 113-degree heat possibly pressing a button that was never activated makes me sick to my stomach.


In 2017 I signed up to a franchise gym and a few months later I had to move to a new apartment, luckily my gym at the time said I could transfer to the same franchise gym in my new area. (They have different payment plans and I was paying less to only have access to one gym and not all the franchise gyms in the country)

I arrive at my new gym and they advise me that I am all good to go and I trained at this gym for around another 6 months in a no-lock in contract.

Fast forward to August 2019, and I received a debt-settlement notice via email from debt agency B.

I called and enquired about the debt and was advised that it was for an overdue gym account and that they had purchased the debt from debt agency A, who deals directly with the gym.

I called debt agency A and they advised that my gym account was never transferred, instead a secondary account had been created and the initial one had continued to stay open and had incurred additional costs.

The gym or debt agency A (Haven’t been able to figure this out yet) allowed $365 AUD worth of charges to incur before they handed it to debt agency A, who then sold it to debt agency B where the total sits at close to $2000 AUD after apparent additional costs were added on.

The entire time they had been attempting to contact me on my old mobile number which I changed in 2018 when I swapped provider, yet they didn’t send me one single email despite having my email address.

I called the gym I originally signed up to and they said as soon as a payment is missed, they hand it to debt agency A and it is out of their hands.

The entire time that debt agency A had debt, there was not one single communication to my email address, however once they sold it on to debt agency B, I received the first email advising on the entire situation. (The one I mentioned earlier).

Do I have any options that will not cost me more than the debt? Surely I do not have to pay nearly $2000 due to some kind of administration error that the original gym says they are completely unaccountable for.


My rent is due on the first of the month, I mailed out my check on the 31st of July, post dated. So long as the check is post dated I will not receive any late fees ($35 per day every day the rent is late after the 5th.) On the 7th I called my landlord because he hadn't deposited my check, he told me it wasnt received and I should call back next week when they check their mail. Fast forward to the 12th, the rent check still hasn't come out of my account. I check with the post office and they say it should have been delivered to my landlord on the 5th. I give my landlord the information from the post office and he claims that the check must have been accidentally destroyed and that he will be charging me late fees and that I need to bring him a new check ASAP. So I left work early on the same day, drove an hour in an half to my landlords office and dropped off a new check with the receipts from the post office, showing the check was mailed. He reluctantly removed my late fees and deposited my new check. I thought everything was fine, until I woke up on the 19th to discover that he deposited my original check from the 31st 7 days after he deposited my second check from the 12th. So now he has taken rent twice for the same month and is screening my calls. I have not been able to get ahold of them and they are not calling me or texting me back. My account is over drawn now as well. Both checks have the words "August Rent -2019" in the memo section. What do I do? I cant even just show up to his office because he would need to buzz me in, he's on the 3rd floor

EDIT: Thanks for the advice. I called the bank and reported it as fraud. Moved money from my savings to cover the overdraft and all associated fees. I left my landlord a voicemail letting him know I've reported the check fraud to the bank, he called me back within about 3 mins. He had cut me a check to refund me the rent. I will be updating my back shortly. Hopefully they will waive the overdraft fees.

Thank you!!!

Edit #2: My bank has refunded all fees and I have deposited a certified check from my landlord. He also offered to take 25% off my next rental payment, I refused his offer. I told him to add it to my deposit when he refunds me after the lease expires. I dont want to risk getting hit with a $35 per day late fee if he decides he has "lost" the paperwork agreeing to the 25% discount. Thanks for the help everyone!

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Since my last post got popular and people still seem interested in my situation I thought I would give you guys a update on everything. It's been over a month and i'm sorry i kept you guys waiting. things were pretty crazy and my therapist said it probably wasn't the best idea to rant about it online till I felt ready. Well, now that i'm settled down a bit I feel like it might be good to get this off my chest anyway. Sorry if this disappoints you guys though as my dad says I should not include any personal details for fear of leaking my identity (so even though I know the group now I won't be naming them for fear of it getting back to me).

So after I stayed the night with my friends family my mom and step dad tried to get me to come back home immediately. My dad said not to go so I somehow convinced my mom to let me stay the rest of this day and I would come home that night. This plan didn't work out very well though as my sisters dad called the police to report that he couldn't contact my sister and was afraid she was kidnapped. It didn't take long before my mom caught on that I was the one who leaked to him their plans and they freaked out. My mom then came to my friends house and tried to force her way in to take me because I had been "corrupted" and needed to be locked away from bad influences till we left for the compound. My friends parents called the police and I called my dad and he got to talk to my mom. I'll leave it short and say this was a nightmare situation that almost ended with my mom being charged with trespassing.

My mom and dad argued on the phone for over 3 hours outside of my friends house. In the end my dad made it so I would not have to go with them but the only "safe" place my mom would agree to me staying is with my uncle 4 hours away. I stayed with him for over a week and it was the worst week of my life. My mom called me constantly to try to talk to me and "save me from the evil energies my father had possessed me with.: My step father also began to send me various threats and told me that at the end of the month I was coming no matter what.

After a week of this, everything changed. My mom stopped calling me, my stepdad stopped texting and they went quiet for 4 days. Me, my uncle, my dad, all of them couldn't reach them. My sisters dad also stopped being able to reach them. During this time my mom bought my sister a plane ticket home and my sisters dad only learned of this when he got a call after my parents dropped my sister off at the airport. After this my mom called me one last time.

She proceeded to tell me that she had been meditating, praying to my guardian spirits daily, and talking to the "leaders". All to to help me "open my third eye to see the truth and understand I was being used by evil."During these sessions apparently she finally "realized the truth" and saw me for the "evil spawn I was." According to her I am a "evil seed" and that I not only was brought here to bring evil spirits onto her and her "good children". I also infected the womb and corrupted my sister. She told me to send my uncle down and pick up all of my "worldly possessions" that were infected and to not come with him or ever contact her or her family again. She ended by telling me that I was never her child and that she hopes "the universe deals with me". The last contact I know about was her telling my dad she wants to revoke her parental rights.


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