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As requested

Not happy with the results as I expected Tilray short squeeze, which happened only partly. I sold these positions on 29th of July and 30th of July. Will try to screenshot inside the TWS next time I sell.

But since it worked out, GOLD for all my fellow WBS'ers, we need to stick together and gang up against wallstreet fam

EDIT: I know I misspelt coke so whatever

EDIT2: Just ignore BYND now. Don't go short, don't go long. Forget about this company forever. Don't even click on articles where they mention BYND

EDIT3: Maybe someone can make a script that gives auto gold? Im getting tired of clicking

EDIT4: Stop upvoting this post, otherwise /all will see it and I will run out of money

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>gets cash

>spends it all on useless gold

>goes broke

nice job u fucking retard

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Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

Actually, I've been doing this for many years. This is not my first rodeo. I figured it'd be a funny thing to do, giving back to our autistic community.

I’m on mobile and can’t see, how much did this guy really make?

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Original Poster10 points · 7 days ago

not enough

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Price being kept stable by bots trading back and forth. Would be interesting to see what the true value of BTC is if Grayscale and co could turn their bots off for a few days (like last year December). Anyway, keep your eyes on the US market. If there is only a slight down-turn, large institutions will buy up BTC to try and create a ''Bitcoin is a safe bet against a falling economy''. After having successfully branded it to digital gold.

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He got lucky. Got fired from his job cuz extremely bad performance. But was roommates with Lubin, invested 1 million into Lubins project cuz he's a friend. Goes on vacation to India, doesn't look back at the investment (already written off as a failed investment) only to find out that its around 800 million worth now. Buys a private jet. Then thinks Shit, time to delete this off the internet because I want to create a fund and it looks retarded if investors find out I got lucky.

Then decides to become the crypto lord, saying this is the top and then selling all his coins under market price, saying this is the bottom, buying it all up above market price. Then gets his friend Lubin to do it once his credibility is destroyed.

Anyway, his fund lost like - 60%. Guess that's what happens when you try to manipulate the market to your own hand. For some reason they invite him every time on TV to talk about other stocks he has absolutely nothing to do with. Tilray, Beyond Meat, stocks that are in hype mode but he missed out on. Stocks many traders and myself took risky bets on and worked out, and then you find this guy talking about said stock like he's already been in those stocks.

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700K Long. Expecting profit taking Monday from pussies, but will hold.

If earnings are beat or even if they aren't beat, stock will go up.

Welcome to the game

Nice. Did you add to tht 500k position?

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No, I simply never sold my 500K position. It's increased to just 700K USD.

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If BYND announces a partnership on Monday, all those who went short will be obliterated.

Think twice before selling your shares.

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From a trading psychology book:

Almost everyone is 'programmed' growing up to have a certain ratio between working-time-profits. With trading all this goes out the window. Very few people ever experience large gains of money in a sort time frame legally before trading. Trading(especially options) gives these large windfalls of profits and at a subconscious level many people feel guilty when profits appear to quick, sometimes in minutes your up four figures. Thus again at a subconscious level the trader gives it back due to their own self image programming.

Edit: The psychology of trading by Brett steenbarger

The Secrets Of Emotion Free Trading by By Larry Levin

Both these have had a profound impact on my journey to becoming a day trader. Seriously, you can read and educate yourself on trading, option strategies, technicals, fundimentals etc. But the mental game, mastering that is what will make you the best trader you can be.

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Wow. Hit the nail on the head. Went through this. Please tell me the book name.

Binance doesn't work in China either. Pretty big to leave out.

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Moderator of r/shroomstocks, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 1 month ago · Stickied comment

Cool stash! But this not really the right subreddit to show your stash off at. You may want to post it to /r/shrooms

I've locked this post instead of removing it, to remind other users!

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