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Pretty hard to detect sarcasm over the internet, especially in a board filled with a bunch of teens who know nothing about NV.

What's your take on not being able to ADS through goggles?

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I run an Eotech EXPS3 on my AR and that sight is specifically designed for NVG use. It has a button to switch between none NVG and NVG use lol.

Former Delta guy told me he never once used those NV settings, lol.

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It works fine for plinking targets and running “drills” but it’s probably a different story in a real firefight though lol

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My girlfriend and I game share accounts. I've pre-ordered a physical version of a game and was wondering if after I install it if she could still download the digital version of the game?


If she buys the digital copy, sure. "Game sharing" doesn't work for disc-based games though.

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So she can still buy the digital version if I install the physical game? That’s what I was trying to ask, just worded it wrong, sorry lol.

In short no.

You’ll need the disc in the drive to play it she can play it as well but who ever is playing needs it in the disc drive to play

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I worded it wrong, sorry. Will she still be able to purchase the digital version or will it tell her that she already owns it if I install the physical game?

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I’m looking to get the Gears 5 Bundled Xbox One X. Are there any issues the X has that would convince me to keep my S?

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Don’t give Mr. Boss any fucking ideas.



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Does BattleEye actually work? I’ve heard about it but never is looked into it.

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The Tie Striker is my favorite.

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